Yoga Beginner's Kit (includes 3mm Mat, Block, Strap & DVD)

Begin your yoga practice with all the tools necessary to master the basic skills. In a quick tutorial, yoga expert Rodney Yee teaches you how to use the included alignment yoga mat, block and strap to build a solid foundation. Whether you’re looking for increased flexibility or a workout that challenges the body as a whole, the Yoga Beginner’s Kit is an ideal way to ease yoga into your daily routine. 

Yoga kit includes:
- Alignment yoga mat to help guide hand and foot placement (68"L x 24"W x 3mm)
- Yoga block for proper positioning and support (9"L x 6"W x 3"H)
- Yoga strap to lengthen and align stretches (6ft)
- Two full-length yoga workouts and props training on Yoga Beginner’s Experience DVD
- Bonus seated meditation preparation routine

Yoga Beginner’s Experience DVD includes:
“A.M. Yoga” (20 minutes)
Get a productive start to the day with this 20-minute workout designed to open your body and center your mind. Taking a few minutes in the morning to find clarity and peace can give meaning to the rest of your day.

“Daily Yoga” (20 minutes)
This gentle program will help increase circulation and mobility and invigorate you when you feel low on energy. Concludes with a restful and rejuvenating three-minute conscious relaxation.

“Prop Intro” (8 minutes)
Learn how yoga props (brick, strap and mat) can guide you into good habits as you cultivate your yoga practice. With proper technique, these tools will have you moving like an expert from the very start.

“Seated Meditation Preparation” (10 minutes)


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Type: Kit

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